2020 Australia Business Database

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This comprehensive database includes indepth business information and social media information in columns for targeted b2b marketing


$199.00 $399.00

Reach Australian businesses direct!

The internet’s oldest B2B database company does all the hard work so you can have a list of businesses at your fingertips! This is an easy way to directly contact businesses in Australia by phone, email and direct mail. The file is yours once you purchase and you can use as often as you like!

  Fields include

Records: over 1.5 million
File Type: Excel (Can be opened via Microsoft Excel)
Delivery: Download
  • Company Name
  • Email (Over 300 000 Unique)
  • Full Address: Over 1 million
  • Subarb/State: All files separated in State folders
  • Phone
  • Business Fax
  • Business industry
  • Website
  • Facebook
  • Twitter



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4.3 overall

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  1. Denise M

    I first purchased this product in 2013 and have utilized majority of the data in some form or fashion. I have always continued to purchase it year in and year out. This package is well worth the investment. It has paid for itself and many times over. I would recommend this for any business that needs access to business clients.

    Denise M

  2. elaunchers

    This is worth every penny! Definitely a must have, especially for small business owners. Larger organizations will greatly benefit from this product as well. Easy way to target business owners.


  3. Warren Pulley

    Good for how inexpensive it is, found a few duplicate listings and when I contacted Mailbanger about it,they advised me that some businesses have multiple owners or contacts so made sense. I did not have time to actually use the data but will update when I do. Email response from them took a few days so not happy about that.

    Warren Pulley

    • Mailbanger Admin

      Sorry for the response time, you had caught us at an extremely busy time.

      Mailbanger Admin

  4. Tina Chace-Harter

    Strongly Recommended for B2B

    Tina Chace-Harter

  5. James

    When I downloaded this file I had problems opening it, it says the files are in Excel but I couldn’t open it. Then I had to download another program to open it, wish they told me first because of the time I wasted.


    • Mailbanger Admin

      When you download the product you have to unzip it as it is packaged, we do this because there can be so many files. This database is split into different states so it is too cumbersome to send them individually. However once you download and unzip it, you will have many business records in CSV/Excel at your disposal.

      Mailbanger Admin

  6. Marketingmaster

    Another great update but less emails than previous versions