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In this whole wide world of the marketplace, each product has a unique feature and a unique entity that attracts a certain traction of audience. This is indicative of high stakes at competition in the work space, and tough market rivalry for major brands. There is only one primary metric of adjudging how well a brand is doing, which is by assessing its sales over the years. Needless to say, a successful product will have higher sales that are also very consistent for an observational period of time. To make sure that a product has good and consistent sales, manufacturers and brands have tried various sales techniques and processes, including but not limited to digital marketing, social marketing, door to door sales, offers and discounts, the list is truly endless. But one of the most important step to master for any product to sell in the market is B2B lead generation.

What is B2B lead generation?

The process of B2B lead generation is the first step towards a successful sales bid or selling process. A ‘lead’ would mean any potential client or customer of the company and his contact details through which his loyalty can be ascertained to the brand. This contact could be an email address, name, phone number, or any other mark of identity. It is extremely important for the leads to be solid and helpful, because no company can actually sell any product at all only when the quality of leads is satisfactory at the least.

B2B refers to the fact that all these leads must only be companies, and nothing else. It stands for ‘business to business’ lead generation and is practically the support system of modern sales processes. The best place to acquire leads that would work is to go through the online channel and explore different options available to garner as many customers as a sales person can.

How can one generate leads on his own?

Generating leads, as highlighted above, is a very crucial step in business development and can truly make or break a company. There are some ways that are known to be effective methods of generating good quality leads. They are given as follows:


Social media and other forms of online networking portals are a great way to get exposure into the world of prospective clients. You can market your own brand through specific webpages with information on your product and brand. You can even use features that many big brands offer today, like the concept of a market place where you can actually buy and sell products. It is important to stay ahead of your times and market your product on the most essential portals which will also attract a lot of public eye.


Although people these days tend to interact more online than they do in real life, to make an effort and pave way for offline networking seems warm, inviting and very professional. The personal touch of the brand and product can really make a difference in how the product is received. Of course, offline networks cannot replace the online ones, they are merely in addition to one another. Making an effort to score a new customer or to retain a client on a personal level, in real life, is always very praised and counts as a good business ethic.


This is an increasingly popular platform that has started coming up in the recent times, and so many specialised start ups and companies have been created to just assist businesses with their digital marketing. This work is largely outsourced from start-ups like these, but the sales team still has to oversee most of the work. In digital marketing, you just use all of the above techniques through various channels online. The most popular one is definitely email marketing, which is an easy and effective way of inviting new clients as well as coming the old ones equally engaged.

This sort of marketing scheme needs specific kind of skills and a knack for drafting emails well. Obviously, people would not even open emails that look like spam or are monotonous let alone read them or be pulled by them. The perfect email should have a catchy subject line, informative content and an opportunity for the customer or client to reach out to the company. Emails make you seem approachable as well as up to date with modern forms of professionalism. This has gained a lot of popularity over the years as a method of lead generator because it has proven to be successful nearly every time.


The sales team of a business cannot always be expected to do everything in the company and they may not even be skilled enough to do any kind of lead generator that well. However, this is so important for the company, they would have to find people good at this otherwise they will get crushed by their competitors and thus run into heavy loses. The best solution to this commonly occurring problem is to seek help from people who are experts at this. Most B2B lead generation related marketers will prefer to utilize lead generation tools and services for their own long term benefits. You can build a data base of reliable people and leads when you have a service that can help you generate interest in the product. A lot of websites offer such a community space, where you can just post about your product and people will come on their own will to ask questions and maybe even purchase it. There is also a reasonable amount of scams on the internet related to this. For example, a website will show you the option of buying a lot of email IDs to access into for a large fee, and most of them would be fake. There are not enough ways of finding out ahead of time what you would have to work with, so try to avoid such situations. However, the entire realm of media marketing can really be played to your favour if you need how to target your audience.

Data collection should be your first goal in digital marketing. Different platforms all over the internet offer different kinds of audiences for you to pitch your product to. You should be able to identify these groups in isolation and approach them accordingly. For example, there is no point in pitching gardening tools like lawn mowers or plant seeds to teenagers and no consequence to pitching gambling services, fashion blogs or the likes to elderly people! Choose your audience wisely and you will master the art of B2B lead generation.


Possibly the most traditional and also the easiest way to market your product online is by generating content. This is something you can do in various forms today:

  1. Through a blog. Maintaining a blog is extremely easy and requires an hour of your daily routine on the maximum. It can be plain, simple or interactive depending on your client needs, but it will surely go a long way in leaving an impact.
  2. Newsletters and email subscriptions are great ways of keeping your client in the loop. Make sure the ones you have retained also stay with you, because in the competitive business world it is easy to lose clients almost immediately.
  3. Ebooks and webinars are also new and innovative ways of catching the attention of a crowd. It is a more coming of age solution to all your sales problems and it makes your company look more modern. This will warn other companies to stay at the top of their game and give you an attractive edge over the others!

At the end of the day, there are an infinite number of tips and tricks you can employ to get the best leads in the market. B2B lead generation may be a newer concept and thus might shake off a lot of sales people in the prime of their game, but it is actually very necessary for any kind of business development.

What are the benefits of a B2B lead generating system?

There are a countless number of reasons to why you should switch from conventional methods of garnering a client base to the business to business relationship system. Some of these have been listed below:

  • B2B lead generation is a fool proof way of finding out what kinds of customers will like your product, so that you can customise it according to their specific needs. This ensures a better business and client relationship and goes a long way in the market.
  • You can develop interest for your products in creative ways by using this system effectively. It is considered to be a market magic trick to sway people in the direction of your product in one swing or create enough buzz. This practice will teach you how to utilise contacts to build your product up from scratch, which will go a long way.
  • A business that cares about its data is one that goes a long way in the market. Data optimisation and management is something every single company should know how to do and leads will teach the sales team exactly that.
  • Lead generation is a sure fire way of making sales. Once you know what all people are going to be interested in your product and why, you can exploit that information in your favour and bring out the best in your product.
  • You can save on a lot of company resources and capital by choosing the correct way to generate leads. If building a healthy dialogue with another company can do the trick, you don’t have to spent time, resource and money on doing stuff like outdoor marketing or other sales gimmicks.


It is important to understand that no effective sales can be made by a company unless and until it recognizes the true potential of its own products. You have to know where, to whom and how to sell your services for the best kind of client base. B2B lead generation will let you achieve all of the above in efficient means, giving sure fire results!

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