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How to Create Engaging Email Ads.

Ever since the dawn of digital marketing in the 70s, emails have been one of the most preferred ways to advertise a brand or a company. It is also one of the most powerful ways to disseminate information, especially in the corporate world. In fact, statistics show that up to 86% of professionals prefer to use email as the primary mode of communication with their clients. 

Considering its substantial influence on marketing, the competition to catch the clients’ attention is also massive. This is the reason why creating engaging and effective email ads is paramount if you want your business to grow and increase its sales. Email marketing is no job for novices, as you will realize later in this post. 

Today, we show you how to create engaging email ads so that your mails do not just move to trash straight away. 

  1. It starts with the subject line.

When it comes to email marketing, the subject line is the first point of contact with the prospective client. Keep it engaging, interesting and niche relevant. Subject lines which include how-tos, information, statistics and information are most likely to be opened. 

It is not considered unprofessional to include cliffhangers, coupon codes and emojis in the subject line. In fact, the percentage of using emojis in email marketing witnessed an astronomical rise of 775% between 2015 and 2016.

Remember that your email is not the only one that will reach the inbox of your clients. Their decision to open the email depends on your subject line. Remember not to exceed more than 20 words in the subject lines. 

  • Don’t underestimate the importance of the contents. 

The heart of every digital marketing is the content. Although the primary objective is to transmit your ads, you cannot just send a template with a catchphrase and a picture of the campaign. 

The body of the email should include value-added content that will benefit the clients. Creating a newsletter that is packed with information that connects with the readers is one of the best strategies. Clients value information, but they also do not exclude emotional value in the ads.

  • Understand your audience. 

Irrespective of the efficacy of your service or the product, if you market it to the wrong audience, it can be suicidal. Therefore, identify your audience and understand their values and what interests them. 

For instance, studies have shown that millennials do not like nor do they respond to email ads. That is unless the content is compelling in a way that they can relate to it in a personal way. They prefer email ads that tell a story, information that is relevant and has innovative designs and that which can be shared with others.

  • Segmented emails perform better.

Along the same lines of relevancy, segmented emails allow you to make it more personalized and improves connection with the recipients. Apart from these segmenting email ads have also shown to increase revenue by a significant amount. Collecting all the data when customers sign-up is the easiest way to achieve this.

Consider segmenting them by their interests, profession, age, gender, marital status and even geographical location. This will allow you to send the most relevant email ads to specific customers which is beneficial for you as well as the client.

Another way to segment your subscribers is by using behavioral segmentation. Learn more about this segmentation here.

  • Add creative and innovative designs.

Do not just resort to using a template to create your emails. This can put off a potential client from ever opening your emails. Keep in mind that internet users in the current generation are amongst the most fickle and spoilt for choice. 

Get creative with the design and don’t shy away from using relevant pictures and short videos. However, do not overdo it with too many GIFs, flashing discount codes and videos as it can put off smany people. 

Responsive design is also of great importance in email marketing. Up to 70% of internet users today do so from their mobile phones. Therefore, your design should be one that that be accessed seamlessly from desktops, mobiles or tablets. 

  • Your email ad is not an essay.

Most companies and professionals use email as a medium to direct traffic to their website and business. It is not the platform for you to write a comprehensive post. The best email ads are ones that are interesting, easy to understand, short and to the point. 

Refrain from putting all the information in the email. This defeats the purpose of directing prospective clients to your website. Include the juiciest parts in the emails that will create a sense of urgency and intrigue your clients. Along with many things, the current generation has an increased sense of fear of missing out or FOMO. Nobody likes to miss out on something that they think might be beneficial to them. Therefore, your email ads should stir up their interest and get them to your desired destination. 

  • Make use of automation tools.

To up the ante on the efficacy of your email ads, make use of the email automation tools. This will make your job easier to manage, faster and more effortless. When technology gives you the ability to improve your efficiency and increase sales, why not make the best of it? 

Using these tools, you don’t have to everything manually, and you also get to keep a closer watch on when to send out emails, among other things. These tools will also help you manage your time better but most importantly increase your return on investment. 


Email marketing is a great way to engage your customers and expand your business. It is not only convenient, easy to manage, but also effective. Building a customer base is also easier through email ads than any other form of advertising. 

Successful email marketing is achieved when you get your clients’ attention with interesting subject lines and pique their interest with engaging and personalized content. If you can get them to open the email, it is already a good start.