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Have you ever wondered as to what these spam emails are? Or as to why they are sent to you on a daily basis? and how it should be beneficial to you? Well, all these emails are nothing but a type of marketing technique that uses the email to get the primary attraction and letting people know as to what a company has to offer. Email marketing is a direct interaction with the company to the consumer with the help of emails that could be used to send a commercial or any sort of promotional message. It can provide a potential relationship with the customer and the company if the marketing is done right.

But then if you were to check your mail as of now, there might different companies using this medium to market any of their product and also providing some enriched content that might entice the consumer in buying the product. Hence now that we have a slight idea about the topic. Let’s get an in-depth view of email marketing and everything there is to know about it. Let’s get cracking.

What is the true definition of email marketing?

The act of sending a person a commercial message with the help of any electronic mail via third-party apps or clients. It is usually carried out to promote the services of the company and to advertise or to gain potential business requests about any particular thing from the customer. All this is carried out to promote the merchants trust and relationship towards the company. It can be beneficial in many ways and will take a look at that shortly. But then primarily email marketing is the perfect way to remain a constant business contact for the merchant and also is beneficial in helping boost the business intake of a company. But relatively the term can also be referred as follows.

  • Sending emails to repeat the business with the company from the client to promote their services and gain loyalty from the merchant.
  • Sending emails to targeted audiences to gain more customers and broaden their services to a larger group of people.
  • Sending of emails that comprises of advertisements that are sent directly from the company to their customers.

What are the different kinds of email marketing?

Now that we have learned the true meaning of the email marketing. Let’s see how many types are the segregated into. They are.

     Direct emails.
  • They are nothing but a catalog of data stored in a company’s database of selected customer who is interested in their services.
  • They primarily use messages and also emails provided to them by the customer in order to let them know about the latest of happenings in the company.
  • A safe and secure way of promoting or advertising their desired products or services to the customers.
  • But this is sent out only to the ones who might have subscribed to a particular company’s page in order to receive notifications or get daily updates. Not everyone can get this email or message.
  Transactional Emails
  • It is a kind of email that is triggered when there is a lot of interaction between the company and the client on a basis to some topic.
  • It gives a safe and secure method for the client to get their task completed on the company’s websites.
  • It is primarily used when there is any sort of rest password link or any other kind of confirmation is to be required by the company from the client.
  • Depending on the action of the client on the company’s websites, this kind of emails are triggered and gives them a chance to extend their relationship with the company.
  • Once you start receiving these kinds of emails, you are constantly updated with the latest of happenings. But then these are very different from direct emails as you have to enter your personal information in transactional emails to extend to services that are receiving from the company.
  • Primarily many of the software companies and vendors use this kind of services to promote their product in specific marketing programs.
   Mobile email marketing
  • Many of the developers who use the mobile platform to gain traffic sure does get a high range of traffic in wanting their product.
  • But it is still very slow and not that fast.
  • Due to long wait times and also extended advertisement period there might be a decline in this mode of marketing.
  • Hence this method of using the electronic device platform to push notifications and also send out direct and transactional emails to the client or consumer is much more beneficial than the other two given above.
What the primary advantages of email marketing over traditional mail?

Now that we have gone through how many types of email marketing are here, let’s take a look as to how one can be benefited out of using this mode of marketing. They are.

  • In this kind of marketing, there can be constant tracking about the exact return that one might receive on their investment. It has proven to be high and very beneficial if everything goes the right way. Also, this tactic has proven to be the best way to create traffic to a particular search that might be done on the internet.
  • In comparison to traditional marketing, Email marketing is the best way to marketing any kind of product or services. They are conveniently cheaper and also doesn’t require any sort of time to send out the emails.
  • Many of the companies use email service providers that track every interaction of the consumer towards the mail that has been sent. When then allows the company to alter anything that might be done wrong to change the behavior of the customer towards to a particular company’s mail.
  • Using this kind of marketing helps in the generation of different kind of other marketing emails. The format might be the same but the content can differ which saves time and also gives the company a boost in sending out the emails across all channels with the content that might be intended to be advertised.
  • From the customers who are using a particular company’s services, it might result in an acute increase in the average number of people using the service.
  • Using this method of marketing, digital marketers have been benefited a lot and has proven to be much more beneficial than the standard traditional mails.
  • When compared to the traditional mail, there is a higher response rate the generates more e-commerce business.
The benefits of using email marketing

After looking on to the various benefits of using email marketing over traditional mail, there are certain advantages that it consists of. Mainly speaking about the price and ease of usability. Using emails is an inexpensive, practically free service that can be used to advertise or market any kind of product/services offered by a particular company. Also if anyone might be looking out to set up any kind of online marketing campaign, then this is the best way to get the news out and gain a significantly higher traffic ratio for that particular campaign. All of which proves to be beneficial to smaller companies looking for more ways to expand their company.

There are different contents that one can attach to an email and send it across different platforms that make it easy for the consumer to know the daily happenings of any particular company. It also promotes the relationship between the consumer and the company. Also, a company can gain loyalty and the trust form the customer if the marketing campaigns more adhere to the likings of the consumer.

How can email marketing be personalized?

Email marketing is a key feature in the marketing departing of any company. There are substantial ways of personalizing any kind of email to your own liking. Any kind of particular group of people can be targeted into offering them something much more interesting and adhering to their style of using the services offered by a company. Offering every individual person can prove to be beneficial in the long run as there can be a drastic change in the way that a consumer might look at the services that you have to offer. It not only boosts the relationship that you have with the customer but then it gives a particular company increased sales and also helps in the growth of the company.

Mainly personalization of the mail that is to be sent out can be done to a particular list of people. That is to be handpicked by the company. Different promotional mail and services can be sent out to give a particular group of people the chance to explore and gain the best out of what the company has to offer. There should be optimized emails that can be opened on a mobile platform and also can give the customer the flexibility of using your services even on the platform.

What makes email marketing the best source of marketing?

Ever since the growth of social media, email marketing has seen its uprise in people checking out their emails and figuring out what the mail has to offer. Some of the reasons are given below as to why it is the best source for marketing.

  • There are about 75% online users who say that email marketing is the preferred way of marketing their products/services.
  • About 94% people use email while 61% use social media for marketing purposes.
  • Emailing facilities have more potential than any other platform because of the wide range of formatting options.
  • Emails offer more analytics and also can give you an accurate result about the client’s behavior to the mail and how they react to it.
  • Email can be targeted to a particular set of people depending upon the product/service that is to be advertised.

But then in email, people are more enticed to see what the mail is all about. Posting that same information somewhere else might not gain you any sort of benefit. Hence emails are the preferred way pf marketing any sort of product/services that a company has to offer. Also it can help you to increase your income as well. Some of the tips and tricks are discussed later on in the article.

Why use email marketing?

There are certain criteria’s which no other platform can fulfill. Some of which are given below.


  • The cheapest mode of marketing anything online that is both beneficial and better than anything else.
  • There are no explanations for it. Whether you might do it by yourself or assign someone else to market something for you. It’s the best platform to showcase and publish anything that you might want to showcase to the consumers.
     The rate of success.
  • Email marketing is the best way to target any particular individual.
  • Keeping this factor in mind, marketing different products to the particular individual can be most effective and also can gain you a higher return than what you might have invested.

     Measuring and the flexibility of the platform

  • With modern software and technological advancements, you can now track the Responses that you might receive from each of the emails that are sent out.
  • you can also change the marketing campaign if something goes wrong.
Tips and tricks on email marketing

There are certain kinds of subtle things that one might have to consider while creating an email marketing campaign. Some of which are given below.

  • An overall creative factor should be there in the email to give it a good appearance.
  • Make an email related to the content product/services that you are trying to advertise.
  • Make sure that the timing is right. Send it during the daytime.
  • Try to integrate as much about the company and the services/products that you trying to market out to the consumers. Be open and let them know that you are the best in what you have to offer.
  • Formatting of the page is necessary and needs to be done right to give a greater aesthetic look and feel to the email.

But then everything that is mentioned above is brief take on email marketing. They are the best way of marketing anything that you might want to advertise. Hence it has a higher take on making it the best way that one can gain traffic to a site and if everything is done right it can result in higher returns than what you might have invested. So get creative and make it productive.  

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