2018-2019 USA Homeowners 148 Million Records

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2018-2019 USA homeowners package is the ultimate marketing tool with a ton of fields of data separated by states in Excel format

$295.00 $695.00

An incredible amount of data!

For targeting consumers this is the best it gets with many columns of data for each homeowner/residential record such as name, address. phone.cell. email, credit score, members of household, charitable donations and much much more.

  Fields include

Records:  148 million records
File Type: Excel (Can be opened via Microsoft Excel)
Delivery: Download
  • Name
  • Full Address
  • Phone Number
  • Cell phone (where available)
  • Email (Minimum 20 million)
  • Credit Score 
  • Homeowner (yes or no)
  • Ethnicity
  • Income
  • And so much more

Other fields:

First name , middle initial , last name , title of respect, street name, street suffix, primary address, secondary address, state, ZipCode Zip_4, msa ,county code, county name, city name abbr, city name, carrier_route, latitude, longitude, time zone, dwelling type, living unit, Phone, estimated income code, homeowner probability model , number of persons in living unit, presence of children, gender, date of birth year, date of birth month, date of birthday, exact age, marital status, occupation group, person occupation, ethnic code, language code, ethnic group, religion code, Hispanic country code , person education, business owner, Number Of Adults, Presence Of Credit Card, Presence Of BankCard, Gas Dept Retail CardHolder, Credit Rating, investment investment,stock securities, Networth, Number Of Lines Of Credit, Credit_Range,Of,New Credit, Investing_Active, Investments Personal, Investments Real Estate, Investing Finance Grouping, Investments Foreign, Investment Estimated Residential Properties Owned, Assimilation Codes, traveler pets cats dogs mail responder, sweepstakes, religious contributor, political contributor, health_institution contributor, charitable general contributor, donates to environmental causes, donates by mail,l veteran in household, HeavyBusinessTravelers, high tech leader, Smoker, Mail Order Buyer, Online Purchasing Indicator, Environmental Issues, Charitable Donation, Internationa lAid ,Charitable Donation ,Political Charitable Donation , Political Conservative, Charitable Donation, Political Liberal Charitable Donation, Veterans Charitable Donation, Charitable Donations,_Other home swimming pool indicator air conditioning, home heat indicator, Name, Email Address


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  1. B. Hughes

    Sweepstakes field is missing from the package I recieved, otherwise all there

    B. Hughes

    • Mailbanger Admin

      Hi. it is indeed there, have sent you an email with a picture showing where exactly. lots of fields so sometimes easy to miss something

      Mailbanger Admin

  2. Bucefus

    As advertised
    Highly recommended


  3. Jack

    “Failed with network error” trying to download file, Could not download file as it was around 10gb, customer service finally helped


    • Mailbanger Admin

      Happy to help

      Mailbanger Admin

  4. Adam

    Lots of product! Realized after the download the enormity of the data that was on there, lots of work put into this


  5. Mahdi

    No download yet after purchase
    Purchased but have not received download, sent message but no reply


    • Mailbanger Admin

      Your download link was sent, please check your junk folder, we have sent you another one as well to make sure

      Mailbanger Admin

  6. Alex

    Game Changer
    Interesting package that has helped our bottom line, lots of material in this large package


  7. William Plante

    Another quality product

    William Plante

  8. Technophobe01

    Hands down the best!
    The best marketing package I have worked with from your company to date


  9. Ana Lucia Campaña Molina

    Fair price
    Decent amount of records for price

    Ana Lucia Campaña Molina

  10. Megan maye

    Five stars
    Good price for the quality and quantity

    Megan maye

  11. fairelinda

    Massive package, keep me busy for a year
    Package was as advertised and customer service was friendly


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