2019 USA Business database – Executive Edition

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This is the executive focused edition of our popular USA business database with over 40 million records with 26 million that have executive and contact info, purchase, download and use this package unlimited!

$195.00 $599.00

Jan 3 2019 - USA Business Executive updated

The Ultimate Database!

Looking to market to USA Businesses? Mailbanger’s popular databases are an incredible resource for all your B2B targeting needs. Purchase and get these files in Excel format and use as many times as you want! There is no better resource for indepth USA Business and executive information. We have done all the hard work for you! Over 40 million records and 26 million of them have executive info and emails!

  Fields include

Records: over 40 million
File Type: Excel (Can be opened via Microsoft Excel)
Delivery: Download
  • Name Company Address Address2 City State Zip Zip4 Zip9 Latitude Longitude County Area_Code Telephone_Number Toll_Free_Number Fax_Number Contact_Gender Title_Code_1 Title_Code_2 Title_Code_3 Title_Code_4 Ethnic_Code Ethnic_Group Language_Code Religion_Code Web_Address Total_Employees_Corp_Wide Total_Revenue_Corp_Wide NAICS_1 NAICS_2 NAICS_3 NAICS_4 MinorityOwned SmallBusiness LargeBusiness HomeBusiness ImportExport PublicCompany Headquarters_Branch StockExchange FranchiseFlag IndividualFirm_Code SIC8_1 SIC8_1_2 SIC8_1_4 SIC8_1_6 StockTicker FortuneRank ProfessionalAmount ProfessionalFlag Ad_Size FemaleOwnedorOperated CityPopulation ParentForeignEntity WhiteCollarCode GovernmentType Residential_Business_Code Email Title_Full Phone_Contact Other_Company_Name Credit_Score Title_Code_1_Desc Title_Code_2_Desc


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  1. Marketcorp

    Great responsiveness, another quality list from this company


  2. Kl Consulting

    I purchased this software for business marketing use and have been very impressed. This seems to provide the data that was described, however I had to install Excel for it to display properly and my generic CSV viewer I had did not seem to work properly

    Kl Consulting

    • Mailbanger Admin

      Most CSV viewers besides Excel should work properly, there are alot of them however and some of the free ones may have issues

      Mailbanger Admin

  3. Kristen

    No updates? I thought you provided free updates for a year?


    • Mailbanger Admin

      Hello, yes we do however three has not been an update yet

      Mailbanger Admin

  4. Wisco1978

    High quality, great list, great price, what Ive come to expect from these executive packages


  5. SEOguy

    Good Job guys


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