2020 USA Business Ultimate Edition

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This package contains records of 65 million records (no email) and is a great reference for telemarketing and direct mail.

$299.00 $599.00

A gargantuan wealth of knowledge!

This USA Business database is an insane release with 65 million records(no email). You can sort by many different categories for use in your marketing campaign. Just Download and all the CSV files are yours to open with Excel and to use unlimited. Millions of records at your fingertips!


  Fields include

Records: 65 million
File Type: Excel (Can be opened via Microsoft Excel)
Delivery: Download
  • Plus the Following details if available.company_name legal_name trade_name dba_name fictitious_name address1 address2 city state zip5 zip4 address_type_code mail_addr_address1 mail_addr_address2 mail_addr_city mail_addr_state mail_addr_zip5 mail_addr_zip4 mail_addr_address_type_code country state_code county_code county_name carrier_route cbsa cbsa_name dma dma_name scf congress_code d2019.3 USA Biz 65 Million Records Business People Contact List Very Detailed But No Email Addresses elivery_point_code delivery_point_check_digit latitude longitude timezone timezonecode census_id census_block census_tract url url_type telephone telephone2 toll_free_number fax fax2 naics naics_desc sic2code sic4code sic6code sic2desc sic4desc sic6desc sic8desc sic_division exact_sales_volume sales_volume sales_code exact_number_of_employees number_of_employees employee_code location_type parent_company parent_address parent_city parent_state parent_zip parent_country parent_phone public business_specialty company_year_started business_type state_where_entity_formed minority woman government small home_office franchise chain mailable phoneable primary_record streetnum predir streetname addrsuffix postdir unit_type unit_num mail_addr_streetnum mail_addr_streetname mail_addr_unit_num minority_desc_code fka_name prev_address1 prev_address2 prev_city prev_state prev_zip5 prev_telephone unpublished_telephone phone_type1 phone_type2 phone_delete_flag fortune_company foreign_company ein num_units_in_chain store_number company_month_started location_month_started location_year_started num_beds medicare_provider_code square_footage number_of_pcs site_status subsidiary_ind manufacturing_ind zip_centroid_lat zip_centroid_long residence_address company_exact_sales company_sales company_sales_code company_exact_num_emp company_num_emp company_emp_code owner_company owner_address owner_city owner_state owner_zip owner_country owner_phone ra_name ra_address ra_city ra_state ra_zip ra_country ra_phone eBizScore eBizDecile eBizPercentile MonthlyTelcoSpend MonthlyDataSpend MTUID NumberOfTenants Lines contact_name prefix first_name middle_name surname suffix ethnicity gender contact_address1 contact_address2 contact_city contact_state contact_zip5 contact_zip4 contact_telephone orig_title1 orig_title2 birth_year




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  1. J.Mohr

    Picked up this advance copy, connectivity good so far, solid bang for buck


    • Mailbanger Admin

      Good to hear!

      Mailbanger Admin

  2. Garima L.

    Slow download but records as described

    Garima L.

    • Mailbanger Admin

      Hi, the file is 8 gb so it can take a little while on a slower internet connection

      Mailbanger Admin

  3. Charitycorp.

    Cheap for so many leads I wish they had emails tho


    • Mailbanger Admin

      We have different packages that have emails such as the executive edition and the Blueline database

      Mailbanger Admin

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