2020 Canada Business Database – Blueline Edition

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Updated Jan 2 2020!

Three Major Canadian Business Databases in one package!  This is the ultimate business to business marketing tool.

$199.00 $499.00

A monster of a Canadian package!

The real thing from the oldest database company online! A killer package of 3 different databases that makes for easy direct marketing. You can purchase, download and utilize as much as you want!

  Fields include

Records: over 1.5 million
File Type: Excel (Can be opened via Microsoft Excel)
Delivery: Download
  • Company Name
  • Full address
  • Province
  • Phone
  • Business Fax
  • SIC Codes 1, 2, 3
  • Years Listed
  • Bonus: 300 000 Email package
  • Bonus: Over 250 000 Decisionmakers



Based on 7 reviews

4.3 overall

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  1. nvr2amzd

    Super cheap price for all the business contacts you get!


  2. Alicia B

    Used for mailing flyers and most of them delivered fine so pretty accurate, had purchased a database before from another site but 70% had failed delivery

    Alicia B

  3. Thomas M. Campbell

    I would like to say the product itself is sound however when I open the files sometimes I find my computer freezing or getting incredibly sluggish.

    Thomas M. Campbell

    • Mailbanger Admin

      The files contain a large number of business records so they take up memory, if you have a very old or very slow computer, it could take a minute or so for the file to open up.

      Mailbanger Admin

  4. nvr2amzd

    Perfect marketing tool for small budget


  5. Jim Shaffer

    Need new categories ism y only real issue. have been buying this list for the last few years and has always been a staple for my marketing campaign. I wish they had deeper information like credit scores that they do have for their USA list. You can’t go wrong for the price and the amount of data you currently get tho.

    Jim Shaffer

    • Mailbanger Admin

      Thanks for your loyalty. We are looking to modify and enhance future versions of this package.

      Mailbanger Admin

  6. Roger Perry

    Thanks for all your help with my questions

    Roger Perry

  7. Jimmy

    Dissapointed it wasnt that much different from last list but still very solid


    • Mailbanger Admin

      Hi, sometimes there is no major changes with data year over year and most businesses do remain functioning

      Mailbanger Admin